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Individualized Learning Model

Individualized Learning 

Hi Everyone!

I'm sharing this great representation of an individualized learning model we created collaboratively. My friends Luis Augusto Domingues, Rodrigo Calhau and I discussed about the topics and Rodrigo drew this picture!

This was part of our course called Making Learning Personal: How to develop individualized approaches in Vocational Education and Training, offered by Hamk University of Applied Science - HAMK (Finland) and Coleg Cambria (United Kingdom).

In an individualized learning approach, the student is in the center, as the learning is customized. The teacher coaches the learning process, and to do that, he/she must have the appropriate pedagogical methods and didactic tools. The teacher understands, monitors, supports.

The student's learning expectations, specific needs and interests, learning style and prior knowledge must be taken into consideration.

The individual study plan is created by the student with the teacher's guidance. The learning is continuously assessed and can be readapted at any time. Thus, it means that the learning outcomes and student progress must be constantly revised.
You will find some links to help you understand better about individualized learning, Mapping …

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